July 19, 2013  ·  mail  ·  style

Mailbag: Moroccan / Split-Neck T-Shirts

Café Style asks: "Any thoughts on the Moroccan or split neck tee shirt style?" Answer: There aren't a ton of significant variants on basic t-shirt neck style, and the Moroccan neck—which is really a v-neck and a crew intersected, if you think about it—looks a less sloppy than the henley trend that has hopefully just about run its course. It's a small bit of visual interest, but a more bold element than you might realize at first, which is apparent if you try to layer it with something or apply it to a patterned shirt—the intersecting angles and curves don't really work in conjunction with other design elements. Basically it's a reasonable upgrade to wearing a plain t-shirt on its own, which in the new normal of climate change might be where we're all headed. Left: Alternative Apparel. Right: V::Room.

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