November 29, 2010  ·  mail  ·  style

Mailbag: Pants for a hip academic

Rachel asks: "I'm looking for a nice Christmas gift for my lovely, unpredictable, generous husband. In his early 40s, he's an art-loving astronomer who works at a small liberal arts college. He loves Pumas, didn't wear a jacket or tie to his wedding but did wear a lovely, pricey green-and-black shirt. He has a beautiful leather German messenger bag, a Macbook air, a large Swatch collection, and a pair of leather Fleuvogs with aqua detailing. What to buy such a man? Especially since what he really needs is pants. Also gloves, as his are falling apart. Can Unrefinery help?" Answer: No necktie? We like this guy already. OK, our policy is to just buy a new pair of gloves every year at Syms for $20, so let's concentrate on the pants. What we have here is a cool academic type who needs something neutral that will go with the strong colours he likes in his accessories. We're thinking corduroy or wool in some sort of medium brown, in a straight cut suitable for a 40-something professional. On the affordable side there's the classic Gap cords (left), which will work on the weekends as well. And for a durable style investment, glen plad "Quagmires" from Bonobos (right).

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