June 15, 2011  ·  mail  ·  style

Mailbag: Pink Shirts

LP asks: "I see a lot of men wearing pink shirts. How do we feel about this?" Answer: Elements of style that we consider timeless are not necessarily things we wear non-stop. Many exist as almost anti-fashion, meaning that we stop wearing them when they become oversaturated in popular culture and then continue to keep them in the closet until the backlash is well and truly over. This is the case with colourful striped shirts and it's the same story for the pink dress shirt, which peaked around 2008 and as a result looks rather A Couple Of Years Ago still. It's a fine and useful colour, but it's hard to wear it now without looking dated. For the time being try lavender instead—another warm hue that like pink works with navy, brown, charcoal, and most summery neutrals. Fabric photos from ModernTailor.com.

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