September 28, 2009  ·  mail  ·  style

Mailbag: Recycling worn-out shirts

Ray writes: "I have some old dress shirts that are getting too worn out for work. Some have nice fabric that I would hate to throw away. What should I do with them?" Answer: Depending on the degree and location of wear, in decreasing order of preference: 1. Donate to Goodwill. 2. Turn them into short-sleeved casual shirts. 3. Use them as linings for things; ask your tailor about customizing a boring jacket or something. 4. Cut and stitch into dust bags for shoes. 5. If you can salvage at least an 18"x18" piece, make a pocket square. 6. Add to the rag pile. (And yes, that's a brand-new J. Crew shirt in our photo. We never quit.)

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