February 3, 2009  ·  mail  ·  style

Mailbag: Sweater Sizing for Athletic Fit

Zack writes: "I'm a 42 regular, but I have a 31 waist. I wanted to buy a shawl collared sweater recently, but they only had a 40 and 44... The 44 fits the shoulders, but is large and boxy in the body. The 40 is nice and slimming in the body, but the shoulders are a little tight. Any advice? They don't have a 42." Answer: They make athletic-cut suits for guys like you, but sweaters are tougher. In this case you really do need the 42, which would stretch enough for your shoulders. The only hope with the 44 would be to first ask your local tailor if they could taper in the side seams for you; some knits can be easily altered and some can't. Shown: the awesome Ben Sherman Anti Freeze.

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