July 1, 2013  ·  mail  ·  tech

Mailbag: Swimwear

Marc was the first of a few readers who asked about how to choose swimwear. This is simultaneously one of those things highly dependent on the individual's shape, style, skin colour, personal peacock factor and style of use, while at the same time being impossibly general (i.e. "what kind of pants should I wear?")

The only parameter that seems fairly universal is length, and in this case it's pretty simple. 5" trunks are as short as most want to go. "Above the knee" board shorts are the rule for maximum length. For most of us the sweet spot will be somewhere around 7", and without going for Boxer Brief Tight you want to at least go trim enough so the legs don't bag or flare out.

Naturally there are exceptions to the rule, but if you can rock short pale blue trunks like James Bond you probably don't need our help with anything.

Left to right: Bonobos 5" and 9.5" swimwear. Daniel Craig at the beach being that guy the rest of us hate.

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