April 8, 2011  ·  mail  ·  style

Mailbag: The Mabitex Menace

T.P. writes: "I see fashion forums raving about Mabitex pants all the time. What's the deal with this brand? Are they really all that great?" Answer: An odd economy has sprung up around these trousers, which are typically bought on huge discount at Daffy's and then resold online. Presumably they benefit from some confusion with Incotex, who share their Italian origin and petrochemical company-sounding name. Anyway, the pants themselves (particularly the wools) are extremely well made of nice materials, including some beautiful patterns, but some aspects of the cut are deal-breakers in our book. First, the legs start off skinny and taper even further to the ankle. We're against it on aesthetic grounds. And then there's the extremely low rise. If like most of us your pants won't stay up when the belt rests below your hip, you'll have to pull them up to a nut-crushing height, and... You know, now that we think about that, maybe these are actually women's pants and the Italians are having a bit of fun with us?

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