August 26, 2011  ·  style

Mailbag: The No-Sock Look

Schraeder writes: "The guy in your Black And Tan post is wearing loafers without socks. Which is a great look but I was always told this was a quick way to ruin your shoes???" Answer: Behold the magic of the "no-show" or loafer sock, which protects your shoes from your feet (and your feet from blisters) nearly invisibly. There are plenty of buying options available here, but most are either too high to remain unseen or don't stay up when you walk in them. Our favourites are from Banana Republic [middle, $15/2 pairs], when you need comfort and not a particularly low rise, and Falke Family Step [right, $16/pair], when minimum visibility is required.

For the record, going sockless absolutely could damage your shoes. But if you don't have sweaty feet, you might get away with some Odor-Eater insoles, foot powder, and some extra shoe care.

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