Steve Jones writes: "My wedding is two months away and I haven't found the right shirt to compliment my navy blue suit. Any suggestions?" Answer: Congratulations, Steve, both on getting married and on picking navy for a spring wedding. OK, it's possible to overthink these things, and I suspect that's your problem. If you're feeling adventurous you might go with a VERY pale blue or a VERY pale lavender, but to us your wedding day calls out for the classic white dress shirt with a spread or cutaway collar, French cuffs and a pair of sterling links. Two months is enough time to get one built for you if you have a local shirtmaker and sufficient funds, but you may not want to trial-and-error it at this point. That being the case we'd go with the Brits—depending on your budget, a Thomas Pink slim-fit in twill [$185] or Charles Tyrwhitt's non-iron take [$69]. The important thing is to get the neck and shoulder measurements right. Then take the shirt to your local tailor to have the sleeve length adjusted and the sides taken in if necessary.

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