January 19, 2011  ·  mail  ·  style

Mailbag: the stigma of the logo

An anonymous reader asks "If you wear something that has the Ralph Lauren polo pony on it, are you automatically a tool?" Answer: Yes, yes you are. But we won't pick on Ralph this time, because logos in general are to be avoided. You know who wears another man's emblem, historically? Servants and slaves, that's who. That said, we've been known to make an exception for the Original Penguin Jack Polo, because it's damn near perfect in every other regard—the placket length is great, the fit is superb, the self-collar sits just right, and (we're not making this up) it even smells nice coming out of the package. Also, their OW MY F**KIN' EYES collaboration with Richard Chai should help ensure this brand remains sufficiently uncool that sporting the logo can be read as an ironic reference back to the brand's 1955 dorky—er, glory days.

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