February 1, 2010  ·  mail  ·  style

Mailbag: The Toggle Menace

Amanda M writes: "My husband wants to buy a toggle coat, but I think the hood looks dumb on a grown man. Am I right here?" Answer: It's not the hood that bothers us. It's the toggle itself, which looks like crap when the coat is unbuttoned... and how often are you really going to button all of those things? Also, the rapid rate of contagion for this accessory suggests that we're looking at a fad that will look dated just as fast—absolutely everyone has jumped on this bandwagon, so now we have toggle coats, toggle sweaters, toggle loafers, and (see photo, which proves we're not s**tin' you) a toggle scarf. Seriously, what the f**k? Next year we'll look back at this trend with the same fondness we now hold for H1N1.

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