March 2, 2011  ·  culture  ·  mail  ·  style

Mailbag: What the f**k, John Galliano

james, who we can always count on in these moments, writes: "So now that Dior has canned John Galliano, is there a place for him at Hugo Boss?" Answer: Seriously, what the hell was that all about, anyway? Overlooking the general stupidity of bigotry and the specific idiocy of getting oneself canned from one of the most prestigious design posts in the world, you have to wonder about the state of British education when a gay man declares that he loves Hitler. (Hey, guy, you DO know the origin of the pink triangle symbol, right?) That said, Hugo Boss may be moving in a different direction since World War II, so perhaps Galliano's next stop is as Mel Gibson's personal stylist.

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