September 26, 2011  ·  style

Marc Anthony for Kohl's

There's really no predicting how celebrity collaborations with entry-level retailers are going to work out. A new benchmark was set by Jil Sander's outstanding +J collection for Uniqlo, but then William Rast's thing for Target failed to yield a single wearable piece. Marc Anthony says his collection for Kohl's is based on a few favourite items of clothing acquired in his world travels, and generally it looks like the guy has good taste. Naturally, in this price range, the target is young buyers who are trying to look good on a budget; you'll find comparable looks and quality at H&M and Zara, where style is the priority and corners are generally cut by using cheap materials. A few of these pieces are pretty strong. If you're a kid looking to buy your first suit, you could do a lot worse than the charcoal-grey suit separates [$230] which have a great slim fit in a surprisingly nice-feeling wool/poly blend. Great oversized checked scarf [$27]. The real surprises for us are the cheap but cool shoes. A great-looking dress loafer [$68] unabashedly knocks off the trademark sleek toe and decorative buckle of classic Italian slip-ons. And our favourite piece has to be the suede loafers [$68] with FU aqua trim. Cheap shoes may be a false economy, but these are a false economy we'll gladly wear with denim and beat the crap out of well into winter.

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