January 11, 2016  ·  culture  ·  style

Marco Rubio's Boots

Marco Rubio's appearance on the campaign trail wearing a pair of Florsheim Dukes prompted a range of largely predictable reactions. The Washington Post was amused. Left-leaning Vox naturally saw the whole discussion as proof that sexism cuts both ways. Other high-heeled-boot-wearing candidates such as fellow Cuban Ted Cruz and female impersonator Carly Fiorina rather hypocritically took easy jabs at him. Fun was had by all.

In fact chelsea boots in general are a practical winter staple, and this particular variant ("Beatle Boots", as they're often known) sports a Cuban heel, which is if anything an appropriate cultural reference for a Cuban-American. Rubio's problems with the execution were really that (a) a nearly 2" heel is a bit excessive; (b) he went with damn near the cheapest and crappiest-looking model he could find, and (c) they're completely incongruous with the rest of his Casual Friday Office Drone wardrobe.

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