November 30, 2009  ·  culture  ·  style

Mary Queen of Shops vs. H.T. Burt

We still don't have any style shows for men, but we'll take a good single episode when we can. Try to track down program 7 of BBC's Mary Queen of Shops, in which Portas revamps Chorlton's dated, tired H.T. Burt into a modern menswear shop. The episode is interesting for a number of reasons: 1. For once, a "reality" show that measures success by the bottom line instead of the whims of a panel of drama queens appointed by the Bravo channel. 2. Most gents could genuinely learn a thing or two from the presentation on assembling modern fits, and an intro to the British brands the rebuilt store chooses to stock—Hackett (shown), Aquascutum, John Smedley, etc. And 3. It's a bit reassuring to see that in this age of globalization and ecommerce, there is still very much a "British style", and that it's possible to mix colours and texture like a proper Anglo without turning into Austin Powers.

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