You'd expect anything that resides at an intersection of Banana Republic and Mad Men to suck the biggest nut of all time, and while this was the case with last year's collection—which also had few legitimate stylistic references to the era in question—they surprised us this time with a couple of nice pieces that are worth buying by virtue of their simplicity and cheapness (each is just $50). Left: a tipped polo made of a stretch cotton with a really nice soft hand. Sleeves hit mid-bicep as they should. Polos in this style without a logo are difficult to find, so this was a welcome discovery. This is BR, though, so you'll want to stitch that chest pocket shut before it starts to sag. Right: BR's merino v-necks are consistently good every year, and this understated take on a tennis sweater in a merino/cotton blend should hold up well too. The stripe is subtle enough to make this wearable with just about anything.

Beyond that, the collection quickly devolves into stuff like fedoras and shapeless 40% acrylic sweaters going for $130. Pass.

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