August 26, 2008  ·  tech

Nissan GT-R: So close, and yet...

On paper, Nissan's GT-R would seem to address all the shortcomings we found in the Audi R8: a true dual-clutch transmission, a capable all-wheel-drive system, and a high-tech twin-turbo V6. All of which make its failing even more tragic: It's ugly. The kind of ugly a $70,000 car has no right to be. An ugly that combines Corvette taillights with a boy-racer fixed spoiler and a slack-jawed, wrinkled front-end that looks like they pre-crashed it for you at the factory. By all accounts the car performs brilliantly, so we can't FAIL it, but we sure hope they give the next iteration a much-needed facelift. Maybe put the G37 design team in charge.

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