October 28, 2011  ·  style

Nordstrom Merino Polo Sweaters

The polo sweater has to be one of our favourite winter staples, in part because it's so easy to wear—no layers needed, nothing to iron, just pull it on. But as we wrote last year, we never have a lot of luck finding this style. At least we can always count on Nordstrom, whose house brand merino polos are soft, nicely fashioned and come in a range of great autumn colours. At $80 the price is right. Two caveats: (a) A lot of us wait for Nordstrom's sales before buying anything, but it's not advised in this case. They tend to sell out. And (b) They run big, and we mean it. A size small has a chest measurement of 41" and sleve length of 26", which would be about right for someone who takes a size 40 coat. That's a medium or large in our book.

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