July 31, 2009  ·  tech

Novatel MiFi: one hot spot to go

There are of course plenty of cellular wi-fi devices on the market today, but this is the first we've seen of its kind: a portable wireless router that connects to the Sprint or Verizon 3G network, and creates a 30' wi-fi hotspot to which you can simultaneously connect up to 5 devices. ANY 5 wi-fi devices—computers, MP3 players, handheld game consoles, cameras—anywhere you can get a cellular signal. The MiFi (shown here next to, BUT NOT TOUCHING, an iPod Touch for scale reference) is about the size of 5 credit cards stacked up and weighs 2 ounces. Reach into your pocket or bag, push the button, wait for the light to stop blinking, and you're online, along with anyone nearby to whom you give the password. Brilliant.

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