A few observations about the whole camouflage pocket square trend:
  1. One has to appreciate the irony of taking a pattern that was specifically designed to not be seen and wearing it as a peacock feather.
  2. Anyone can of course sport this stuff, but it would be a lot more interesting if worn by an actual veteran as a sort of reminder or conversation piece. Ideally a service-specific type—digital CADPAT for a Canadian Forces vet, Vegetato for the Italian Forze Armate, etc.
  3. Almost all camouflage worn for style is pretty crass and unimaginative; the usual pattern is some sort of predictable jungle olive drab. Which is a shame, because some camo patterns are genuinely beautiful. German Autumn Flecktarn, with its palette of oranges and browns, comes to mind. There's a real opportunity here for someone with a little imagination.

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