Clothing trends—in all segments—are more cyclical than linear; it's the rare design element that goes away and never returns in some form or another. Part of the reason things change at all is an organic evolution brought about by our collective fatigue of seeing and wearing the same thing. But a significantly stronger contributing factor is the need for an industry that sold you a new wardrobe last year to convince you that you need to replace it all this year. It's important to remember that this industry is led by people like Anna Wintour, who thinks we should be looking to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian as style icons.

"But wait," we're told on all sides, "pants are getting fuller." Well that's true, but only because the pendulum has swung as far as it can in the opposite direction. Skin-tight trousers literally can not get any slimmer. There's noplace else to go. And so meggings and 7" ankle openings may be very well be on their way out for everyone but hipster dead-enders. Doesn't mean abdomen-puffing pleats are coming along for the ride.

Basically what we're saying here is that you can keep your flat-front trousers and that pleated pants are still for the TGI Friday's and Wal-Mart set.

Shown: Club Monaco not helping.

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