July 26, 2010  ·  style

On the matching of accessories

How important is it for your belt, shoes, and accessories to match? Nobody asked us, but there's a variable scale of preferable matchiness for the various items and it's better to mix it up as you progress along it:

shoes & belt > gloves > bag > umbrella

Belt and shoes really need to work with what you're wearing, and ideally should be more or less the same colour—not necessarily equally dark or light, but close. Gloves you want in at least the same family. Your briefcase or other bag can really be any dark colour, but if you can swing it, own a black one and a brown one and head out the door carrying whichever loosely (and we mean loosely) corresponds to your shoes and belt. Umbrellas? Don't sweat it. There's a reason why they make almost all of them in neutral colours that work with anything, and the rest present an opportunity for a bit of creativity and personal expression. Try not to grab a light khaki umbrella if everything you're wearing is dark, but otherwise, anything goes.

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