June 21, 2013  ·  culture  ·  style

On the sacking of George Zimmer

So the Men's Wearhouse board has canned George Zimmer over disagreements in the direction the company is heading, and what we'd all like to know is which part of the direction they might be referring to. Men's Wearhouse has always been about unwearable, dated-looking, ill-fitting clothes worn primarily by the kinds of people who work at places like Men's Wearhouse. Recent efforts to improve on this, while noble, have all gone awry. They introduced slimmer suits to appeal to younger buyers, but ended up with Indochino-esque skinny lapels and low-end Hilfiger. They brought on Joseph Abboud months back but as yet haven't produced anything that clearly reflects his aesthetic. And in a painful waste of talent, they hired Vera Wang to design tuxedos and the resulting range is offered exclusively with notch lapels, a cardinal sin for formalwear.

Was Zimmer responsible for these failures or was he the man trying to push things in the right direction? The answer makes all the difference in determining whether he was the problem or their only hope for a solution. All that said, he was a great spokesman in those "You're going to like the way you look" ads. And getting fired from the company you founded after 40 years really sucks.

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