Sometime around spring we started hearing noise about a few big brands launching online stores this year. If we were to start a mass-market clothing operation, the FIRST thing we'd do is set up online ordering in the North American market, but apparently for some companies it's not a priority (and what the f**k do we know, anyway... to their collective credit, they seem to be surviving regardless). Still, the year's coming to a close, and if you aren't going to get it done in time for the holiday shopping season you might as well not bother. The brands we kept hearing about are Zara, Club Monaco, and Uniqlo—the latter had a temporary Heattech-only site for a few weeks last year; doesn't count. Do you think any of them will get it together by Black Friday? Place your bets. We like all of these brands, but our money is on "none of the above".

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