March 25, 2013  ·  style

Open knits and weaves

On the surface the open knit or woven shirt may seem beyond redemption, the sole province of guidos, gym dinks and Armani Exchange enthusiasts. But although it's done well so rarely, the concept is not immune to a little application of taste. We like a challenge around here to make the unworkable work. Consider:
  • Density: Obviously the most important parameter. Fewer and smaller gaps = more tasteful.
  • Context: If you wear it someplace where you might otherwise be shirtless, like at the beach or poolside, it's technically an upgrade if you think about it. Actually, this is a good rule of thumb: the appropriateness of such a garment is inversely proportional to your distance from a body of water.
  • Layering: Nobody ever layers these things, but you could. Maybe under a lightweight blazer for an evening party.

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