July 15, 2011  ·  style

Peace Out, Nate

We're a bit slow on the draw to report the sad news, but we'd be remiss if we didn't take a moment to note the passing of Nathan Clark, inventor of the beloved desert boot, at age 94. (If we're honest, the first newsworthy part of this came in learning that the man was still alive.) We've of course written about Clarks Desert Boots repeatedly over the years, and our enthusiasm never wanes. In the greatest examples of successful design, simplicity, aesthetics and utility all converge without compromise, and that's the brilliance of what Clark did here—so many stylish boots are practical in just one season; these are for the other three. As for the man himself, a great article in The Guardian describes Clark's remarkable life, with a career in Her Majesty's Forces that took him from Europe to Asia, Africa and back to Europe again, and paints a picture of a determined and relentless visionary who never gave up on his idea no matter how many times he was turned down. Here's to you, Nate.

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