June 23, 2010  ·  style

PlaidStallions is awesome.

Not even those of us who were around in the '70s can remember seeing anyone wear the kind of polyester horror shows featured on the awesome PlaidStallions website, but apparently people did, and DAMN. Check their archive for page after page of liesure suits, platforms and gigantic lapels. While it's a riot just to look at this stuff, we like to make a sort of game out of it: can you find anything on the site, anywhere, that you could wear and make it work today? Most pages are of course hopeless from top to bottom, but we like a challenge. The Harris Tweed sportscoat is probably wearable, if you skip the matching one for your date. Not-awful safari jacket on the left here. We'd like to think we're cool enough to pull off an art deco-patterned brown and orange sport shirt, but we probably aren't, and neither is that guy wearing it with the matching shorts and fur.

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