October 13, 2014  ·  style

Polar Parkas

Unrefinery is on the record as endorsing a winter white palette for the cold months, and the most useful building block is a classic off-white parka that will work with just about anything. It's of course possible to find a heavy wool specimen with an exotic fur ruff, but given the necessity of solid water resistance and the increased likelihood of winter outerwear being destroyed in combat there's a good argument for going with a synthetic shell (which is cheaper) and faux trim (because wearing real fur is still pretty douchey).

The best example found so far this season is the ASOS quilted parka [$152] which hits all the classic cues: good length, dual zip and button closure, a proper hood, and those vertical side slash pockets that offer refuge for cold hands without collecting snow. Another option is Zara's four pocket parka [$189] which is considerably shorter in length. Too short? Hard to tell; model may be just wearing stupid drop crotch trousers a la Justin F*cking Bieber. And while it's not from a current collection, the classic Woolrich parka can sometimes be found on the secondary market. We're including it here as it's pretty much the ideal: moderate length, and absent of dark buttons or hood linings that might detract from its glorious snowy goodness.

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