March 27, 2008  ·  design  ·  tech

Porsches That Aren't 911s

You can't argue with the beauty of the 911, but it's high time Porsche designed another attractive car. Now that we've finally (thankfully) forgotten the 944 and 968, they give us an awkward-looking SUV, are about to unveil what will by all accounts be an extremely homely sedan, and their low-end cars are cut-down 911 derivatives deliberately schmutzed in order to not hack off people who paid more for the genuine article. Give us an all-new design for your entry-level cars, Porsche, instead of things like the Cayman (shown here), which replaces the curvaceous hips of the 911 with an awkward rectal crease and adds a Hyundai-looking air intake.

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