August 15, 2011  ·  style

Ralph Lauren Autumn 2011

So the new Autumn Ralph Lauren stuff is rolling in, and our modus operandi on these occasions is as follows:
  1. Take a few moments to admire the staggeringly beautiful women's collection. This serves no useful purpose, unless you're a sugar daddy and want to prepare yourself for the $2,000 suede skirt (left) you're about to see on your American Express Centurion Card statement.
  2. Make a similar foray through the men's Black and Purple label sections.
  3. Pull up the sofa cushions, count the change. Sigh heavily.
  4. Head on over to the men's Polo line and see if there's anything good that doesn't have an embroidered horse on it.
Mission accomplished on all fronts. A couple of real gems and great values in the men's department: Suede bucks [$120], which will serve you well in the fall but are absolutely wearable right now. Lambswool cable-knit shawl cardigan [$185]. We love RL lambswool, which is usually softer than cashmere found elsewhere. Frankly you can never have too many sweaters like this.

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