J.Crew did this for their Fall 2010 runway show, and here it is again in their look book: every single model not wearing a suit has his pant legs rolled up. We don't mean to pick on J.Crew (for once) because there's a lot of this going around, but didn't we leave this s**t back in the days of Cazals and Z.Cavariccis?

We were all sitting around looking at this with dismay, when a "chat now with a J.Crew men's specialist" box popped up. Aw hells yeah. *Click*

{agent} : Hello there, How may I help you tonight?

You: I'm looking at the fall look book, and I see that all of the men's pant legs are rolled up like we used to do in the 1980s. How can we make this stop?

{agent} : You don't have to wear them like this if you purchase them. This is simply the way our merchandisers styled them in the lookbook.

You: OK, thanks. I found it a disturbing trend and was sort of hoping we could use aerial spraying or something to stop it before it takes root.

{agent} : I will be happy to submit customer feedback to see if this is something we can limit in the styling of upcoming seasons.

You: That'd be swell. Rolled-up cuffs make Baby Jesus cry.

{agent} : Thanks for choosing J.Crew. Have a great night.

Well, there it is, directly from the source: we don't have to wear them like that.

(P.S.: the jersey cardigan on page 7 of the look book is fantastic.)

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