October 21, 2011  ·  style

Roots Autumn / Winter 2011

Canadian brand Roots has always produced solidly-made clothes and accessories, but we came to regard them primarily as a source of red and white kitsch for Canada Day and toques for snow shoveling season (which in Roots country might run from October 'til May). But Roots has grown up of late and is producing some very sleek, modern stuff that wouldn't look out of place at Emporio Armani or Hugo Boss. Time to give them a second look. Some favourites from left to right: A great Fleece Blazer [$158] with a silhouette based on a classic summer sport coat, right down to the broad lapels, high notch and patch pockets. Herringbone zip knit [$98] in extra fine Merino. Very Euro sportswear. Lambswool Sweater [$92] with a dramatic ribbed v-neck and cuffs.

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