March 14, 2011  ·  style

Safari: The Other Green

Most gents don't wear a lot of green, and when we do, we tend to gravitate towards olive... which can be a sophisticated colour, but one that gets muddy in a hurry when paired with anything other than white or pale blue. Going a bit lighter and less saturated gets you to safari or leaf green, which might seem a little bright at first but is really a very versatile shade that goes where olive fears to tread—with a navy shirt or sweater (as demonstrated by this stylish gent at left), a tan blazer or desert boots, and pretty much any gingham you can think of. It's neutral enough to work with warm colours too. Shown middle: Bonobos Congos [$88], in a tailored but comfortable fit. Right: Old Navy Khakis in "Treefrog" [$20], relaxed fit at a relaxed price.

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