April 11, 2016  ·  design  ·  style

Sale Alert: 30% off at Floto

Unrefinery doesn't do a lot of sale alerts, but budget travelers who happen to be Italian-made luggage fetishists will want to check out the full-site 30% off sale at Floto running for the next couple of weeks. Floto is sort of notorious for having considerably higher prices on its own site than you'll find at other vendors, but this brings most bags down to at least $15 below Amazon's pricing and you can particularly clean up with the free shipping and the accessories—the latter including the mandatory Grande Strap [$41 on sale] as the standard strap will slice through your shoulder during any extended carry.

Unrefinery-tested and endorsed picks include the Venezia Leather Trunk Duffle [now $230] for heavy use and cold weather, and the Casiana Canvas Tote with leather trim [$244] for warm-weather getaways.

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