June 30, 2010  ·  style

Shops we like: DressSpace.com

DressSpace, a direct channel for the Vulpinari family of labels, is all Italian-made goodness, all the time, at deep discounts. Brands like Nicolas & Mark and Rick Owens are already well known, but the likes of Nicolò Ceschi Berrini clearly deserve to be as well. We'd characterize the inventory as fashion-forward—you'll find some traditional jackets and knitwear, but the real prizes are the pieces that are just a bit adventurous, like a blazer with swooping lapels and a curved closure or a beautiful summer layering shirt with perforated embroidery. Perhaps the best part—and this is pretty damn awesome—is that when you spend over $210 you can select one of their prototype garments as a free gift, ensuring you'll end up with something no other kid on your block will have. Good stuff.

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