May 15, 2009  ·  style

Shops We Like: Men a la Mode

To us, a good shop is a well curated shop—where as many pieces as possible exhibit something special, fresh, or unique. So one of our favourites is British boutique Men a la Mode, who emphasize quality over quantity, and really go above and beyond in selecting pieces from interesting designers that can surprise and delight... like an otherwise ordinary V-neck sweater with a playful, unexpected colourful stripe trim detail (Holland Esquire, $122). Or a classic grey wool coat that, with the addition of a well-placed belt, suddenly becomes a piece of wardrobe for a British spy from the '60s (Oliver Spencer, $372). A little pricey, but for the next two weeks MALM offers a 25% off rebate on non-sale items. We're stocking up.

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