February 10, 2014  ·  culture  ·  style

Sochi Opening Ceremony Uniforms

Olympic opening ceremony uniforms are exempt from a few of the guidelines of conventional style—certain categories of adornment are required and therefore largely forgiven, to a point—but there's no reason a team's kit can't serve the necessary purpose of being a highly recognizable collector's item while still being wearable in the real world. A good number of countries got it right in Sochi. The medal round:

GOLD: France. Totally killed it in Lacoste's grey quilted coats and khaki trousers with most of the loud nationalism coming from the accessories. The women's coats are particularly strong, belted with peak lapels.

SILVER: Spain. Not only do the gold and red blazers look great, but they look Spanish.

BRONZE: Japan. The long white coats and navy trousers made a clean, striking statement with minimal ornamentation.

HONOURABLE MENTION: Denmark. A few teams went with red and black themes, most notably Canada, but the Danish women pulled it off best with tailored pants and high boots. If only the men's uniforms had been so interesting they might have made it onto the podium.

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