April 8, 2013  ·  mail  ·  style

Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe

It turns out women have this annual ritual known as "spring cleaning", and following a brief investigation it seems the idea has merit. Some wardrobe maintenance steps are worth taking once a year, and the moment you've decided you're done transitioning out of your winter attire would seem to be a good time to take them.

Cleaning & Storage — Have everything cleaned before you put it away. Depending on the size of your winter wardrobe this could be a painfully large expense, but you need to do it. It will prolong the life of your clothes and will ensure that moths don't spend the next few months feasting on your stuff.

Sock & Underwear Evaluation — Most of us are probably pretty bad about noticing when these things need to be retired. Any sign of wear, or elastic that is even starting to quit, means it won't last another year. Think of this as like when the car inspection place tells you you're going to need new tires. Maybe you don't this second, but you're going to. Fine. Whatever.

Is It Dated? — If there is a guiding principle to wise wardrobe purchases, it is to invest in the timeless and eschew the temporary and trendy... style over fashion, if you will. Just the same, even the most prescient among us aren't going to get this right every time. Trouser legs that passed for slim just five years ago are elephantine by today's standards. Now is a good time to decide what needs to be tailored and what needs to be donated.

Buy More Stuff — This seems to be the actual point of the entire exercise. Works for us.

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