April 28, 2010  ·  style

Squares you can wear

Now listen, we only get Elle Decor because that's what they send us since Met Home went t**s-up. So we're leafing through, and the last page features 15 colourful napkins. Lots of great hues and patterns. And you know what the difference is between a linen napkin and a linen pocket square? Well, about 4" in each dimension, machine washability, and a flat hem vs. a rolled one. Oh, and the napkin usually costs a lot less, so even if you have to slice and stitch a bit to get the thing into your pocket, you could still come out ahead. Someone out there has the sack to wear a napkin in their coat pocket. Not sure if it's us yet, but we're thinking about it. Shown from left: squares you can wear (or eat with) from John Robshaw and Table Matters. And for the adventurous, Suki Cheema.

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