December 14, 2012  ·  design  ·  style

Stocking Stuffers, 2012 Edition

Lexus may finally have gotten the message that proposing luxury cars as Christmas gifts might be a bit tone-deaf in the present economy, but the rest of us already knew that there are plenty of welcome gifts in the $15 or less range. A few favourites this year:

Old Navy's lightweight V-neck sweaters [$15]
Think of it not as an off-season spring item, but as an upgrade from a t-shirt and a way to wear a sweater comfortably without layers. Damn near everyone can find a place in his wardrobe for something like this, whether to wear at home or on casual Fridays. Just stick to the sorts of colours you normally see the recipient wearing.

The Tie Bar socks [$8]
We've already mentioned Archiduchesse and Uniqlo, and now The Tie Bar has introduced a range of $8 socks in solids, some wearable stripes and a couple of neat menswear patterns like the brown houndstooth shown here.

3 oz Bodum Canteen glasses [2 for $15]
Although designed for tea and espresso, these glasses are just about perfect for drinking whiskey or any other spirit whose aroma is best revealed by the slow melting of a single ice cube—the double wall prevents the heat of your hand from accelerating the process. Also, they look cool.

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