May 8, 2013  ·  style

Suitsupply in Philadelphia

If the economic recovery is proceeding slowly, someone forgot to tell Suitsupply, who this month continued their aggressive momentum in the US market with the opening of their latest store in Philadelphia. And while anyone who's visited their New York shop will find the decor and concept familiar, according to Suitsupply's Filipe Bataglia this is just the beginning—they're taking over the whole building, and the current two stories will expand with additional floors for custom tailoring, private shopping, and more.

The offering of a store-exclusive piece is kind of a neat idea, as it gives the online or visiting Suitsupply customer a reason to stop in when in town. In Philadelphia's case it's an ultra-light safari-style jacket made out of what feels like shirting fabric—belted, four pockets, but casual enough to roll the sleeves and layer minimally (if at all).

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