February 9, 2015  ·  style

Suitsupply Spring 2015

Suitsupply, one of the few brands whose consistent quality and trial-friendly return policy might prompt one to consider pre-ordering anything, has made their Spring 2015 collection available for advance purchase. A few picks:

Hudson Fit suits and sport coats [$400-$600] — A fit seemingly designed for budget sartorialists who appreciate the details, featuring broad lapels, patch pockets, and a really nice hand-stitched shoulder. Being that these are all casual elements it's a bit strange that they'd make a 3-piece suit in this cut, but at $600 the brown check is so great that it's a value even if you never wear the waistcoat. Which you hopefully won't. Maybe separately under a shawl cardigan or something.

Blue Bomber Jacket [$400] — The fabric is what makes it special, an Italian wool/linen/silk blend whose texture is both tactile and visible with alternating navy and royal threads in a soft weave. Rendering classic casual pieces in unexpectedly luxurious materials never really gets old.

Light grey wool trousers [$189] — A staple for spring/summer; you should also have a similar colour in flannel for the cooler months. Easily the backbone of any warm-weather dressy or business fit, but equally at home with a white polo shirt and brown loafers.

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