February 9, 2017  ·  style

Suitsupply S/S 2017 Pre-Order

Suitsupply's Spring/Summer 2017 Collection is now online for pre-order. A few highlights from outside the reliably great suit department:

Havana Lightweight Checked Jackets [$400-$500]
Ranging from partially to completely unlined, in linen and linen blends, this is a slim but traditionally styled jacket in some of Suitsupply's best materials. The blue checks are beautiful, but check out the tan windowpane. Very Hermès. Baller as f*ck.

Merino Short-Sleeved Sweater [$60]
You wear it like a t-shirt, but it has the sheen you only get from extra-fine wool. The elasticized cuffs and hem elevate it and whatever casual sportswear you pair with it. This is the kind of thing J.Crew would ruin by putting a triangle sweatshirt stitch at the neck.

Wool Field Jacket [$500]
Descended from the classic M65, and normally encountered in their treated cotton variants, Suitsupply's grey and navy field jackets are slimmed and shortened and made from VBC wool—but just as water-resistant as their military forebears.

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