February 27, 2012  ·  culture  ·  style

Syrian Freedom Fighter Style

ABC News sat down with some Syrian freedom fighters last week, and as scruffy as these brave kids look, they still have more style than anyone running for President of the United States on the Republican side. The ninja headscarf thing is always pretty cool. Nice jacket on our second man from the left. Dude #3 doesn't seem to appreciate the idea of green camouflage, which might not actually conceal you in a beige urban environment particularly when paired with an ugly-ass Nike track jacket with bright white stripes. Disturbing lack of desert boots, because if anyone should be wearing 'em it's these guys. We did appreciate the gesture of this guy on the far right here, wearing a New York hoodie that basically says to American audiences, "I know we dress similarly to the guys you've been fighting, but we're not the ones who blew up lower Manhattan". Utility over fashion. Well done.

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