June 24, 2011  ·  style

Tailored Trousers For Summer

At Unrefinery HQ, our idea of an ideal summer trouser is the new modern classic tailored chino—cotton, lower rise, tailored and trim leg that's straight from the knee down. A little stretch or wrinkle resistance in warm weather is welcome. We evaluated three.

Gap Tailored Khaki [$55] — Nice flattering fit. Good price. Limited colour choices. And though hemming is of course a given, we were a little amused that the legs on our test pair weren't the same length. Those Bangladeshi kids operating the sewing machines might be getting a little passive-aggressive.

Express Cotton Producer Pant [$60] — Yes, we make fun of Express around here too; we like to say that they never would have made it out of the nineties if not for the bankruptcy of their primary competitor, Chess King. But they were ahead of their time with this pant style; they've been doing it for years and really have it down. Good stretch but they tend to crease. The most true-to-size of the trousers we reviewed.

Brooks Brothers Milano [$67] — The most wrinkle-resistant of the three. Normally not a great value at their $90 regular price, but on sale, the best deal going—nice tab closure, soft fabric, and all of the continental Mabitex style you want without the crushed nuts.

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