November 30, 2011  ·  style

Tasteful Christmas Attire

You might think it'd be ironic and charmingly kitschy to wear a Christmas sweater, but we've got bad news for you: the trilby / Pabst Blue Ribbon / white headphones hivemind already had that idea. THREE F**KING YEARS ago. Besides, do you REALLY want to buy something you can only wear a few weeks per year? If you want to dress in the holiday spirit, go with some peripherally holiday-themed pieces that are a little less "on the nose". You'll get a lot more wear out of them and won't look like a clown.

Three suggestions from left to right: A nordic or Scandinavian sweater that says "winter" without reindeer and snowflakes and s**t. Tartan trousers — dark red and dark green; combine with the most neutral colours possible (like camel or cream). Big soft red or burgundy scarf, worn indoors and out.

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