February 1, 2016  ·  culture  ·  further reading  ·  style

The $60 Sweater Crisis

Well-written article in Buzzfeed (really!) that post-gamed the holiday shopping season and the devaluing of clothing's perceived value when discounts become expected, frequent and significant. Gap Brands, J.Crew and Urban Outfitters are all cited, and in each case the "upscale" brand in the company has the serious problem—BR is essentially the same crap as Gap, J.Crew vis-a-vis J.Crew Factory, Anthropologie vs. UO.

In looking at the commodity-level brands that Unrefinery frequently cites, these pitfalls are avoided in a few ways:
  • The really significant sales are rare, or don't apply to everything (Brooks Brothers).
  • The sales come at a point in each season's cycle where if you wait, your size is probably gone (Uniqlo).
  • Even if the sales are relatively frequent, reliable or full-store, the clothes don't cost all that much in the first place, decreasing hesitation when contemplating a purchase (Lands' End).
  • The clothes are far from high-end, but they aren't crap in the first place (all of the above).

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