British GQ and Prada (left) say that the '70s are back, with cravats and prints. And while that's highly debatable, this photo does introduce a few interesting ideas:
  • You almost never see patch pockets with peak lapels. Interesting juxtaposition of a casual element with a traditionally formal one.
  • That's what would be considered a dated suit colour, but actually it looks pretty good. We could use more light, airy summer suit colours other than the traditional light grey, khaki, stone, etc. Still needs to undo that last button, though.
  • We'll pass on the cravat but are totally in favour of mixing a busy retro pattern with a solid suit. The key is to just pick one—solid shirt with patterned square or vice versa. Above right: Etro shirt. Below right: Charles Tyrwhitt pocket square.

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