September 7, 2009  ·  culture  ·  design

The Awesomeness of Soviet Propaganda Art

It's Labour Day in the US and Canada, and what better time to pick up your hammer and/or sickle and appreciate the awesomeness of Soviet propaganda art. Contemporary repressive regimes, of course, resort to clumsy oevres like "Mission Accomplished" banners and retards dressing up in flight suits on aircraft carriers. But in the glory days of propaganda, actual artists were employed to inspire us to work hard and take up arms in defense of the motherland, and the colourful deco work of these often ham-fisted efforts is sure to at least raise a smile today. Allposters.com has a nice selection of prints available, and we'd also recommend the book Iconography of Power as a historical overview of the art form. Now quit Stalin and join the revolution!

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