July 19, 2010  ·  meta

The Best of Unrefinery, Volume 1

Unrefinery is taking a week off for the summer, and it's a complete coincidence that it happens to correspond to the onset of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. In the meantime, here are five of the most popular articles from our first two years, based on the amount of comments, fan/hate mail, hits, Facebook shares, external site links, and marriage proposals they generated. Enjoy and we'll see you in a few.

1. Dial it back, Ralph
We love Ralph Lauren. Heck, everybody loves Ralph Lauren. But over the years, as the horse logo thing got bigger and more cartoonish, the odds were increasing that sooner or later someone would burst out laughing and spoil the whole thing. Turns out that someone was us.

2. Luxury car stocking stuffers
Although it predated our site's comment system, this overly-bitter screed generated no shortage of supportive email. This one really struck a chord with readers, who were almost offended with the pretentiousness of the whole idea of those creepy commercials. Owning a Lexus doesn't mean you're in some elite über-rich class whose members can enter into major financial commitments for each other on a whim. It just means you've got a Toyota with extra leather and faux wood trim. Good for f**king you.

3. Are Tom Ford suits worth it?
Tom Ford might not just be a cool dude, but he is also an extremely popular search engine term and that brought more than a few people to read and link to this article. Anything off-the-rack that is really expensive is increasingly difficult to justify purchasing in the face of completely bespoke options that can get you exactly what you want, from the affordable and trendy Thick as Thieves [$450+] to the luxurious Mr. Ned [$850+]. We'll do a proper review of bespoke suits...well, after the economy improves, we suppose.

4. The webbing belt peril
Ostensibly about a nylon strip that looks like it should cinch down the load on a flatbed truck, this quickly turned into a "bash Chris Pine" discussion, and that's OK with us. Everything about the rebooted Star Trek movie was great except for that guy.

5. In praise of high maintenance
In terms of tone and direction, this was almost the sort of article you'd get from a real style journal as opposed to the little acerbic pool of amateurish snark we've established here. Although we continue to eschew the overpriced and ostantatious, it's true that there really are some nice things worth having, and worth taking the time and effort to care for. After all, having things that last and don't need to be replaced is a kind of economy in itself, right?

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